Wet rooms are growing in immense popularity among many homeowners worldwide, though it is common in few countries. For people who want to have a beautiful and perfect bathroom, Leeds wet rooms are great additions to their homes.  This is because it looks uncluttered, yet spacious and everything is streamlined.

However, you may want to renovate your old and traditional bathroom into a modern and stylish one, but the real question will it add value to your current home?

What is a Wet Room and how does it work?

When you construct a bathroom at the same level as the shower area, you get Leeds wet rooms. It is waterproof, and a tanked bathroom that is the same according to the rest of the floor area.

The main advantage of wet rooms is that they do not consist of shower screens. The whole room is a single room and it does not consist of a shower tray as compared to conventional ones. Wet rooms allow the water to drain through the gradient of the bathroom floor. As it is waterproof, therefore, you need to install the walls and floors through waterproof materials. Though you need not require a shower in a Leeds wet room. You can even install a toilet and a sink in a wet room. You may also need to install heating during the installation process.

Does it Add Value? 

Yes, it will help you to give you good returns when you plan to sell your house. Proper installation of Leeds wet rooms in your house will increase the appeal for your potential buyers. But it this entirely upon you to add a wet room or not. Many homeowners want to change their main bathroom with ultra-modern and stylish wet rooms. However, this may backfire and may cause serious financial losses.

Several homeowners want to have a conventional bathroom to date, especially if they have small children with them. Hence, give it a deep thought before investing your money into wet rooms.


So, you need to give it a serious thought before planning for Leeds wet rooms. Though it is a good idea to create a toilet nearby your shower area. What will happen if someone is taking shower and your shower area changes into a pile of mush? A slippery toilet won’t serve your purpose. Therefore, you need to consult professional experts before things turn ugly and messy.

By Magnolia

Magnolia Kate Chambers: Magnolia, a vintage home enthusiast, shares restoration tips, antique decorating ideas, and the charm of vintage living.