To respond to fire situations, buildings with more than eight floors must have a fire extinguisher per floor and a fire extinguisher in the elevator house.

Concerning gas installations, the law provides for a periodic inspection to be carried out every five years. However, other entities are subject to inspections every three years in the tourism and catering industry, schools, public or private establishments with a capacity for more than 250 people. Mandatory inspections must be carried out when changes to the layout or piping, either in common parts or in the interiors of fires, and when there are gas leaks or conversion to natural gas.

Elevators are subject to maintenance and inspection at new condo Charansanitwong (คอน โด ใหม่ จรัญสนิทวงศ์ which is the term in Thai). Inspections must be carried out every four years in mixed residential and commercial buildings or residential buildings with more than eight floors or more than 32 dwellings or every six years for residential buildings not included above.

The maintenance, carried out by a certified company, can be of the simple type, which includes maintaining safety and functioning conditions without replacement or repair of components, and Complete, which includes component replacement and repair. Lifts must be equipped with a load control device.

Elevators And Ladder

Expenses related to flights of stairs or common parts of the building that exclusively serve one of the unit owners are only borne by those who use them. The expenses with elevators only include the unit owners who can use them.


A collective television signal reception and distribution system must be installed in new buildings, rebuilt, or with four or more autonomous fractions. The installer is responsible for its proper functioning for three years unless a more extended period is fixed. The administrator is responsible for the excellent state of conservation, safety, and functioning.

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