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Who doesn’t want a stylish and modern bathroom? The bathroom designs keep on changing and it may be a good idea to renovate your bathroom. Bathroom renovation is an expensive project. However, bathroom renovation Wollongong experts suggest that if you plan well and know some tricks then you will be able to complete your bathroom renovation project without incurring much cost. Here are some suggestions.

Plan well

You must have a detailed plan in place before you hire bathroom renovation Wollongong experts. In your plan, you should mention the essential changes you want to make and the optional ones. You should plan what kind of materials you want, whether you want to hire bathroom renovation Wollongong experts or do a DIY project, and other things.

Don’t do any plumbing

Plumbing works are expensive. This type of work is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Your labor cost will be very high. So, unless it is necessary to rearrange pipes or do any plumbing works you shouldn’t touch that section. That way you will be able to save a lot of money.

Update things that you can

Renovating your bathroom doesn’t mean that you need to replace every item. You can update your existing things instead of replacing them. For example, instead of installing a new toilet, you can change just the seat.


Though it would be nice if you could replace everything in the bathroom and start from scratch, it will cost you a fortune. So, prioritize your requirements instead.


Proper lighting can help to enhance the overall look of your bathroom. Your bathroom will look spacious and brighter without knocking down any wall or building a new window. Just use proper lighting.

Spend less on countertops

Though many people would love to have a granite countertop, these are expensive. So, you should look for cheaper options like laminate or quartzite. That way your cost will be reduced.

Shop around

You shouldn’t buy everything from the first store you visit. You should shop around and try to find things at a cheaper rate. The price of products varies from store to store. You just need to spend some time shopping.

Many people opt for DIY projects to save money on a bathroom renovation. But not having sufficient knowledge and experience can be much more expensive than hiring bathroom renovation Wollongong experts.


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