Are you looking for relaxation, rejuvenation, and a memorable experience? If yes, then a nuru massage London is the perfect way to unwind and treat yourself. The Nuru massage is a Japanese erotic massage that has gained popularity amongst people seeking the ultimate massage experience. The massage is done using a body-to-body technique that involves the use of a special type of gel made from seaweed, and it offers a host of benefits to clients.

Nuru massage is a unique and refreshing experience that you will enjoy from the start to the end. It involves the use of a slippery gel that is applied to your body, and your therapist will use their body too in order to massage you. The gel helps to reduce friction and makes it easier for the masseuse to deliver maximum pleasure to your body. The following are the different steps involved in a Nuru massage.

1. Getting ready for the massage 

Before the masseuse arrives, ensure that the room temperature is comfortable for both of you. You’ll be expected to take a shower before the session and avoid using lotions or moisturizers. The masseuse should have all the necessary supplies and equipment, including the Nuru gel, towels, music, and fresh flowers to set the mood.

2. The massage session 

Before the session begins, your masseuse will offer you a glass of water to help you hydrate. The massage session will start with you lying face down, and the therapist will apply the warm, slippery gel to your body. The therapist will use their entire body, including the arms, legs, and chest, to deliver the massage. This helps to warm up your muscles and increase the blood flow around your body.

3. Sensual body-to-body massage 

The body-to-body technique is what sets Nuru massage apart from other forms of massage. Your masseuse will use their body to slide and glide against yours, creating a unique and sensual experience. You’ll feel the softness and warmth of their body against yours, increasing your sense of relaxation and pleasure.

4. The final moments 

Once the massage is over, your therapist will leave the room to give you a few minutes to relax and unwind. You can take a shower if you wish to, or you can enjoy the moment and let your body recover from the session. The therapist might offer you a glass of water to help you rehydrate and regain your energy.


Nuru massage is a perfect way to relax, escape the stress of daily life, and treat yourself. If you’re considering trying a Nuru massage, ensure that you book an appointment with a reputable and professional Nuru massage provider in London. Remember to communicate with your masseuse before and during the session to ensure that your needs are met. This is an unforgettable experience, and your therapist should be willing to offer you the best Nuru London massage experience possible.

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