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The air outside is unfortunately extremely polluted. Every day, we consume fumes from traffic, factories, furnaces, etc. The lack of green regions certainly doesn’t help. The last thing homeowners need is their indoor air full of harmful soot, smoke emissions, and other nasty airborne particles. However, many homeowners unknowingly risk their health by allowing poor indoor air quality. They fail to maintain their air duct systems properly. When left unclean, these systems keep re-circulating the same dirty air, causing many respiratory problems for the inhabitants. If your air ducts aren’t cleaned monthly, don’t be surprised to notice symptoms of respiratory and heart diseases like nose irritations or dry eyes.

What is Indoor Air Pollution?

Indoor air pollution is harder to gauge than outdoor pollution. Tiny dust particles, small bits of toxic paint, tile chips, and other small particles constantly float around inside our rooms. As the HVAC systems heat and cool the home, these pollutants keep floating until we inhale them. Air ducts get rid of these tiny particles, but when they’re unclean, they’re unable to do their jobs properly. Hence, these tiny devices keep consuming electrical energy without giving the desired results. These factors combine to cause potentially dangerous air pollution inside homes.

How Professionals Can Help

Professional air duct cleaning experts help countless homeowners keep their indoor air pollution levels in check every year. They use power tools to detect and eliminate indoor pollutants that are usually difficult to spot. Thankfully, these professional cleaners know what to look for and actively target contaminants like tobacco smoke, pollen, mold, dust mites, pet dander, etc. Another major indoor air pollutant these experts specialize in is asbestos. Found in almost all wall paints, floor coatings, and other building materials, asbestos exposure can be lethal. Getting equipped with this knowledge isn’t enough. Homeowners must lead the battle against hidden air pollutants and seek professional cleaning assistance!

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