For many homeowners, skylights are unmatched addition to your home. But, at the same time, they are also worried about the skylight leaks because it directly affects the roof. Though it can increase the value of your home, and thus, you should work on the skylight leaks. Guardian Home offers you the services associated with the reroofing and maintenance of your roof. 

What is the cause of skylight leakage?

Before jumping to anything else, first, it is important to learn about the actual causes behind skylight leakage. 

  • Damaged flashing

Flashing acts as a seal meant for bonding the skylights and another roofing system. Flashing creates a watertight seal if it is in good condition. Any kind of damage leads to corroding or the development of cracks and leaves an opening in the edges. 

  • Weather damage

Bad weather is the reason behind so many damages to your home. It also affects skylights and causes cracks in the glass. The development of cracks causes water droplets to accumulate. 

  • Clogged weep holes

For your knowledge, weep holes are present in the drainage system for a skylight. It is important for the water and condensation to move out from the pooling. In case the weep holes are clogged, the water will start coming inside your home. 

  • Bad installation

The improper installation of a skylight can also be a problem and this also means you have to call the professionals right away. So, make sure that your skylight is properly installed. 

What kind of dangers is caused by a leaking skylight?

The accumulation of water results in bacterial growth and there are more dangers linked with leaking skylights. 

  • Mold 

Wood has the ability to absorb the water and also get exposed to mold growth. Due to this, a human can feel headaches, nausea, dizziness, asthma, allergies, and other respiratory problems. 

  • Paint damage

On coming in contact with the water, paint starts bubbling and peeling out causing stains on the ceilings.

 Guardian Home is ready for your help

Guardian Home is the ultimate place for those who are in search of roofing solutions. With so many years of experience, the experts are just a call away from you. Call for an estimate and get the right solution. 


By Magnolia

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